Pedigree Chart Example

Where did I come from? That simple question many people ask themselves, is often difficult to trace back more than a few generations. The Lineage page of this site is dedicated to helping answer that question. Below you'll find ancestral charts organized by branch for quick reference. We were tempted to keep this page of the site under wraps until all the branches, that we were aware of, were loaded.

At the end of the day, it seemed of greater benefit to make the Boulden ancestral charts available as soon possible while continuing to add to the live database. If you don't see a link for the chart that you're interested in, please review the posting schedule below the ancestral chart links. If you don't see your branch of interest in the chart or schedule list, and would like to have it posted, please let us know.

Pedigree Charts

>>Larry Boulden Family
>>Joseph Louis Boulden
>>Matilda Caroline Curtis, 1853-1942
>>Joseph Cunha, 1858-1936
>>Alice Rozella Higgins, 1866-1901
>>Emanuel Holman Richards, 1851-1922
>>Joseph Davis Wallace, 1860-1905
>>Chloe Rina Boulden, 1899-1970

Family Group Sheets

Boulden Family
>> Bernard Boulden 1916-1999
>> William Barton Boulden 1877-1950
>> John Samuel Boulden 1875-1950
>> Charles Walker Boudlen 1850-1916
>> Joseph Louis Boulden 1838-1913
>> John Rodger Boulden 1825-1898
>> William Henry Boulden 1816-1857
>> William Louis Boulden 1792-1830

Bouldin Family
>> Henry Bouldin 1892-1944
>> America Bouldin (Howard) 1892-1975

Richards Family
>> Charles Richards Sr. 1800-1867
>> Charles Richards Jr. 1825-1902
>> Emanuel Holman Richards 1851-1922

Cunha Family
>> Joseph Cunha 1858-1936
>> Manoel da Cunha Pacheco 1820-1900
>> Faustino Jose da Cunha 1790-1865
>> Manoel Jose da Cunha 1748-?
>> Caetano da Cunha Pacheco 1722-1808
>> Antonio da Cunha Pacheco 1679-?
>> Antonio de Mello Pacheco ? -?
>> Sebastio de Mendonca Espinola ? - ?

Higgins and Blackman Families
>> Joseph Blackman 1661-1720
>> Abraham Blackman 1705-1788
>> Samuel Blackman 1736-1820
>> Josiah Blackman 1764-1834
>> Daniel Higgins 1784-?
>> John Lowry 1799-1867
>> Nelson Higgins 1806-1890
>> Nelson DanielHiggins 1835-1890