Aunt Oriole
By Dortha Jones

Aunt Oriole
Oriole Oceana Boulden

What a beautiful and lovely person she was. She had such a wonderful personality. Her hair was such a pretty color. I remember it was red when she was younger, but age changed it to a reddish blonde. It always looked like she had just come from the beauty shop. Not a hair out of place. Her clothes were beautiful and of the best quality. When I would compliment her for all her good looks, qualities, clothes, etc. she would say 'Yes my girls know what I like and they are so generous and good to me always. They keep me in clothes. Birthdays, Christmas, and anytime.'

She was so kind and sweet, I never heard her say a cross word to anyone. She wouldn't criticize someone, she would find something good to say about that person instead. She was so very appreciative to anyone who helped her in any way. She was a very proud, intelligent, and understanding person. She seemed to always be up on all of the news. I know that she liked to read a lot.

After her husband Sam passed away, it was very lonely for her. Her little birds left the nest and she was alone, but they were all very good to come home when they could. She never let this being alone keep her from taking good care of herself. She never seemed to loose interest IJr get discouraged about herself. She always kept herself neat and pretty and was very health conscious. She ate the things that she knew was good for her. She kept in touch not only with her own children, but also with her brother, Vern and sisters, Bell and Merle, and their posterities. She loved them with all her heart and was so happy when she could go visit with them or when they came to visit with her.

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